About Us

Fly through the Air.  Rebound off the walls.   Slam dunk like a Pro.  Over 50 interconnected trampolines that offer some serious fund for the whole family.    Challenge your friends on the Ninja course.

Practice your slam dunks, pull some aerial moves, dodge a ball or just jump freely.   You won’t even realise you’re exercising or burning some serious energy.    We have cold refreshments to keep you going.   And yes we have air-conditioning because we know you are going to need it!

Bring down a group of friends to celebrate your birthday, we can host your Christmas party or we can be your weekly uni social night.   Why not even bring your sporting team in for a a end of season event.   The Big  Boing Offers it all.

Under  110cm (approx upto 4-5 years) have their own designated trampoline arena, so that family and friends can see them in action and jumping safely.

A toddler area with slides and ball pit for children under 110cm also.    Babies under 1 are free with a paying sibbling.

As you would expect, safety is super important to us, so JUMP SAFE and STAY WITHIN YOUR LIMITS.  Our friendly staff are always around to offer safety tips and to answer any questions.


The Big Boing has a fully catering cafe for our customers.    No food is to be brought into the park except for water.

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